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Fog and Nature

Environmental Justice
Symposium 2021

Duke University presents

The environmental justice movement has been foundational in the longstanding fight for equity and equality in the U.S. for decades. Today, environmental injustice continues to be a topic of growing importance and salience for people both internationally and domestically. In an attempt to provide a wide-reaching introduction to the multi-faceted environmental justice movement, Duke University presents the first of many student-led environmental justice symposiums to come. 


On March 19-20, 2021, we will be hosting Duke University's Environmental Justice Symposium 2021, a conference focused on connecting students to professionals and activists who are currently working in the environmental justice and conservation space. We are so excited for you to join us!

This event is put on through partnerships with the Undergraduate Environmental Union (UEU), Duke Conservation Tech (DCT), Muslim Student Association (MSA), and Blue Devils United (BDU). 

This symposium is supported in part by the National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under the Duke University Superfund Research Program (award P42ES010356) and the Duke University Program in Environmental Health (award T32ES021432). Symposium content is solely the responsibility of the speakers and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

March 19-20





3:00 pm

Sascha Boden - “Environmental Justice and Climate Protection – what role do German NGOs play?”       Meeting ID: 987 3747 8586

3:00 pm

4:00 pm

Madeline Parker - "Youth Climate Justice Activism in North Carolina"     Meeting ID: 943 9598 8548

5:00 pm

Dr. Fadhel Kaboub - "The Imperative of Colonial and Climate Reparations"      Meeting ID: 939 0253 8904


9:00 am

Peggy Liu - Chairperson of the JUCCCE and named "Green Goddess of China"       Meeting ID: 951 9313 4835

10:00 am

Benjamin F. Wilson - "Environmental Justice and the Opportunity to Change the World, Why Not You, and Why Not Now?"       Meeting ID: 956 6392 2780

11:00 am

John Paul Jose - Youth Climate Activist in India        Meeting ID: 926 7234 2148

11:00 am

Frederick Tutman - "The Ethics of Environmental Justice: How Big Greens Mostly Get It Wrong."      Meeting ID: 932 3153 0767

12:00 pm

Christine Folch - "Why Stories Matter: Decolonizing Nature & Environmental Justice"      Meeting ID: 976 8618 9847

12:00 pm

Jamie Margolin - "Getting To The Roots of The Green New Deal"      Meeting ID: 971 3856 4125

1:00 pm

Nikhil Swaminathan & Lyndsey Gilpin - Environmental Justice in Journalism Panel      Meeting ID: 998 4192 6943

2:00 pm

Edgar Virguez - "Who pays the price for our actions? The toll of the environmental problems for members of developing countries"     Meeting ID: 924 7820 7711

3:00 pm

Joslin Kehdy - Founder of Recycle Lebanon     Meeting ID: 916 1377 9903

4:00 pm

Dr. Erika Weinthal - Professor of Environmental Policy and Public Policy       Meeting ID: 929 8629 4596

5:00 pm

Anthony Lanzillo - "Standing on Common Ground"       Meeting ID: 927 7234 0607




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